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It's really weird to start with a brand new journal. I have various blogs on Blogger, but Livejournal has been my personal home since 2004. I thought I'd try something new as so many people are switching over to Dreamwidth. Besides, it's nice to have a name change once in a while. I'm thesilverlight on Livejournal!

Soooo, who the hell am I? I'm a creator, writer, absolute fanatic over Star Wars, and I read webcomics. I'm a new Canadian, a foster cat mama, and I love conventions and coffee and bubble tea and and and... well, the list goes on and on :)

Nice to meet you, invisible readers!
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A Public Service Message...

[personal profile] ironjeff 2012-03-19 09:00 pm (UTC)(link)
...from a random DW subscriber:


I saw your post on the 'Latest Things' page and dropped in to offer some completely unsolicited advice.

There are a couple of communities you might be interested in as a new DWer - lj_refugees and addme. Both are good ways to start finding interesting people to read. Browsing the 'Latest Things' page is too...

Some LJ communities mirror here, or at least have a DW equal (metaquotes and DWDQ come to mind); at the moment they are all much smaller than the LJ versions, but I'm sure that will change with time.

Good luck, and have fun!